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Pallet racking

Your expert in the turnkey design and installation of pallet racking systems since 1976

Whether it's expanding your warehouse, building a factory, or relocating your store or distribution center, our trained and certified racking experts are ready to take on your industrial or light storage project.
Take advantage of our turnkey service and let us accompany you in optimizing your space and making your premises safe.

Our clients choose our products because they are:

  • Practical: they’re easy to ship, deliver and install and can be reconfigured anytime, according to your needs
  • Agile: our pallet racks have been engineered for easy assembly and disassembly, enabling you to respond more quickly in the face of changing demands
  • Safe: forklift accidents are commonplace. But besides being able to withstand moderate impacts, our pallet racks have easily replaceable parts so you can quickly repair any defects that might lead to instability
  • Economical: these safe, practical advantages help save you money on repairs, handling and maintenance.

A supplier of industrial pallet racking since 1976, we offer single and double depth pallet racking, as well as reverse gravity (push back) systems. Our specialized solutions include standard and narrow aisles, made of structural steel, static accumulation (drive-in) systems, dynamic accumulation (pallet flow) systems, as well as security accessories - protective wire mesh, security bars, end aisle protectors, steel and Rack armor upright protectors, etc.

Our services at Pedlex include consultation, installation, relocation, repair and inspection and certification of pallet racking.

Discover the benefits of our Nuvorack certified bolted pallet racks below which are made in Quebec.

Contact the Pedlex experts for an estimate and take advantage of our personalized turnkey service. Our project managers will support you during the design stage to help you choose the right racking for your needs. Our trained and certified installation teams deliver and install throughout Montreal and Quebec.

Our most popular pallet racking systems:

Single and double depth
With narrow aisles
Structural steel pallet rack
Palettier Système de rayonnage double profondeur Pedlex entreposage rangement racking    
     Palettier Système de rayonnage à allée restreinte Pedlex entreposage rangement racking    
    Palettier Système de rayonnage en acier structural Pedlex entreposage rangement racking

Static accumulation (drive-in)

Reverse gravity (push back)

Dynamic accumulation (pallet flow)
Palettier Système de rayonnage à accumulation statique drive-in racking Pedlex entreposage rangement
Palettier Système de rayonnage à gravité inversée push-back racking Pedlex entreposage rangement
Palettier Système de rayonnage à accumulation dynamique pallet flow racking Pedlex entreposage rangement

Palettiers dessin Système de rayonnage simple profondeur et à double profondeur Pedlex entreposage rangement racking

Single- and double-depth pallet racking systems:

The most prevalent type of pallet racking system in the industry.
Forklift aisles are configured between back-to-back rows of shelves.
Its advantages:

  • Economical
  • Excellent selectivity and versatility
  • Low density for the single depth
  • High density for the double depth

Pallet racking with narrow aisles (single-depth):

Same as the single-depth pallet racking system, but using a narrow access forklift. This allows for reduced aisle widths and optimized use of storage space.

Structural steel pallet racking:

The ideal solution when looking for a high performance storage system in an environment, subject to frequent forklift collisions.
Also necessary for a tall system required to support high-density loads.
The beams are secured using 4 grade 5 nuts and bolts, 1/2 in x 1 in.

Its advantage: superior resistance to forklift impacts.

Palettiers dessin Système de rayonnage à accumulation statique drive-in racking Pedlex entreposage rangement racking

Static accumulation pallet racking (drive-in ou drive-through):

This storage system includes a series of tunnels, in which the pallets are supported by steel beams.
Forklifts access the various tunnels to load or unload pallets.
Offering poor selectivity, the system operates under the principle of LIFO - last in, last out.

Its advantages:

  • economical
  • high density

Palettiers dessin Système de rayonnage à gravité inversée push back racking Pedlex entreposage rangement racking

Reverse graviity racking system (push back):

System in which each level is composed of individual movable trolleys. Capacity of up to 6 pallets deep. Faster to load/unload than drive-in systems.

To load a level, forklift operators place the first pallet on the trolley, then pushes the second pallet against the first to move the trolley and free up a second trolley to receive the pallet, and so on until loading is complete.

To proceed with unloading, forklift operators unload the first pallet and, by sliding on the rails, the other individual trolleys advance by one spot, and so on until unloading is complete.
Its advantages:

  • good selectivity
  • excellent density

Discover our installation of a reverse gravity system of 20 rallet racking sections (push back racking)

Discover the Stediflo pushback systems that we offer, always tailor-made and with our turnkey installation service:

Palettiers dessin Système de rayonnage à accumulation dynamique pallet flow racking Pedlex entreposage rangement

Dynamic accumulation pallet racking  (pallet flow or carton flow):

System that allows you to load pallets on one side and unload them on the other, allowing you to always take the first one that has entered inventory.
Its advantages :

  • increased picking efficiency
  • high density
  • excellent to ensure good stock rotation (FIFO - first in, first out)

Discover a demonstration of our dynamic accumulation system (pallet flow):

The many advantages of our NuvoRack pallet racks - in stock at Pedlex and available for quick delivery and installation in Montreal and Quebec:

Our racks are easy to ship, deliver, and assemble. Further, they offer you to easily modify and reorganize the initial configuration.

Bolted pallet racks provide easy handling, which means we can respond to requests for installations, repairs and structural modifications quicker than ever.

Sometimes, lift trucks accidentally collide with ladders, guardrails and uprights. Even when these collisions seem harmless at first, they can result in long-term instability or damaged parts, eventually leading to premature wear and increased safety risks.
Bolted systems allow for the easy and quick replacement of affected parts, thus restoring the required stability and security of the system.

These benefits of convenience and security also result in lower costs related to interventions, handling, and maintenance.

Discover our recent installation - adding a single-depth static drive-in pallet racking with Roll Out Rack drawers and end of aisle and rack upright protectors, all in less than 2 hours' work:

How to choose the right pallet storage system for your needs and budget:

Characteristics of different types of pallet racks:

Simple- our double-depth     Static accumulation
    Reverse gravity
  (push back)
    Dynamic accumulation
   (pallet/carton flow)

Storage density + +++ ++ +++ +
Load flow +++ ++ ++ + Varies
Access to stock +++ ++ ++ + +++
Load rotation  FIFO (LIFO if double-depth)   LIFO (FIFO if opened on both sides) LIFO FIFO Varies
  Cost of installation   $ $$ $$$ $$$ $$

*LIFO = last in, first out; FIFO = first in, first out


As an employer, you have an obligation, according to the laws applied by the CNESST, to take the necessary measures to protect the health and ensure the safety and physical integrity of your people - which includes the compliance of your storage systems, racking, shelving etc with the standards and laws in force.

In particular, in terms of prevention, your responsibility includes:

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