A quick note to thank you and all your team following the installation of shelves on Gaspé street for our 5200 bikes and for all our bicycles parts and stations. It was a long journey that began several months ago to now recently reach its conclusion. Bernard, I want to particularly emphasize your availability and your support throughout this project following the many meetings to reflect on its feasibility, the numerous quotes and visits to satisfy our many requests. The adventure is not over and I hope I can count on you and your team for many years to come.

Thank you for your confidence in us.

Jean Turcot Operations Manager, Bixi

I’ve been working at Rolls-Royce for over 30 years. Recently, I became in charge of the plant layout. I am in charge of standardization and implementation of the *Tool Control* system.

Rolls-Royce is a World class company that develops and manufactures aircraft engines. We are located in Lachine on Côte-de-jubilant Since 1954.

In 1998, I had the chance to meet Francis Poirier thanks to our buyers because at that time, we needed to develop a new section in the plant. That’s when he presented us the line of Rousseau Metal products. It was love at first sight …

The line is complete and fully meets our development needs. After delivery and installation of this first project by Pedlex, the direction realised the impeccable work of Pedlex with high quality products at an affordable price. Since that day, we only use the Rousseau products throughout the plant. We now have close to 350 mobile cabinets of different sizes that have been proposed with Pier-Olivier Delisle’s advice.

To describe the Rousseau league in few words: Quality, durability and flexibility.


André Décarie Rolls-Royce

Lanctôt and it’s logistical team would like to thank you for the excellent service you gave us during our move in June 2014. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding support during the creation of the plans for the warehouse because time was short and you have risen to the challenge and made a difference in the success of this relocation.

We continue today to appreciate your dedication to the projects that we submit. We hope to work a long time with you and your organization.

Please accept my most sincere greetings.
Stéphane Lauzon Operation-Logistic Director Lanctôt

I want to say that the staff dispatched this morning for our installation was of an outstanding efficiency and professionalism.
Sylvain Parent Maintenance Director / Warehouse, Cogeco Métromédia

I’m taking two minutes to express my high level of satisfaction with Pedlex and particularly the exceptional service of Tina Mercier. Incredibly fast, flawless service and dedication to the customer, it’s always a pleasure to do business with her.
Richard BoivinProcess Technician, GGI International, Global Leader In Human Machine Interface Technology

Hello Mr. Adam, I’m taking a few minutes to thank you and all your team for the excellent work which was made yesterday. Your employees are professional, independent and respectful of the security on site. Also the term was respected and the site was left free and clean. I would recommend your team without hesitating. In the pleasure to deal with you again,
Simon Gervais Coordinator building(ship) Magic bath / Bath Fitter

The service was excellent! Very good customer support during the ordering process and also after having received our order. I chose Pedlex because at first, the price was very competitive, I found that Michel Filiatrault was very tuned in to his customers; we also asked for quotations at other big suppliers to compare, also the service with Michel is incomparable!
Stéphane David Republic Technologies Canada, Président

Great satisfaction! by the service which we receive from Bernard Vézina, Bernard is my hero! always on time!, every time we need he is easily reachable, either for quotations or for orders . We always have great service
Jean Turcot Bike Self-service, BIXI

The F.I.P.O.E was very satisfied with the service offered by Pedlex. It met our expectations for Quality/price.
Styve Grenier F.I.P.O.E

Yesterday the Pedlex crew under Jacques supervision finished dismantling the 2nd group of racking in our Warnaco DC.
For the second time they did extremely great job. It was big job and they did not cause any distraction to our day to day operation.
The job was done very fast, and they left the workplace very clean. If everybody would work that way, everything would be much better.
Please pass my thanks to the team.

Stan Deren PVH Canada Inc