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  • Fluid Storage & Dispensing Systems

    There’s a better way to handle industrial oils, lubricants and fluids…meet the IFH Fluid Storage and Dispensing System! The IFH Fluid Storage and Dispensing System improves lubricant storage by providing a better way to handle all kinds of oils, lubricants and industrial fluids that is easier, safer, cleaner, and more cost efficient than traditional 55 […]

  • Lockers

    ALL WELDED HEAVY-DUTY LOCKERS “CONCORDE” SERIES Material Made from cold rolled steel, the construction is all welded without bolts. All burrs are removed to avoid injuries. Large colour selection A wide range of colours is available to blend with any office, school or industrial setting. Durable finish Tough baked enamel finish (lust 40-45%) keeps its […]

  • Cantilever

    Our cantilever system is exclusively designed and built to compete with the most solid and resistant solutions on the market. Ideal for storing items both short and long and of non-conventional shapes such as sheet metal, gyprock sheets, beams, etc. Our experts can build a custom made modular system to suit all your needs (design, […]

  • Racking

    Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

  • Work Station

    Preconfigured Models Here are the most requested models. Contact us for other configurations. Actual colors may vary slightly from chart. 20 standard colors availabe. *Dimensions: WIDTH x DEPTH x HEIGHT

  • Lift tables and stackers

    For over 60 years Presto has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment that improves safety and productivity. Our products include Stackers, Scissor Lift Tables, Container Tilters, Palletizers, Hand Pallet Trucks, Post Lift Tables and more. All Presto products are put through rigorous testing and quality evaluations prior to shipment. […]