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A turnkey solution

Pedlex offers innovative solutions in the area of warehousing and handling. Our team of experts, always up to date with the latest trends, makes a full range of storage products available to you, so you can complete all of your projects. Considering that planning a project is often fraught with pitfalls, we offer personalized turnkey service. From supervising your project to quality assurance, Pedlex will take care of everything. Choose from our variety of services to help you complete your project without worries or hassles.


Our qualified consultants, who are experts in their field, and are here to guide you in the successful completion of your project, in keeping with your needs and your budget.


Optimization, site safety and security, and increased company productivity are factors that Pedlex emphasizes in every one of their projects.


Thanks to our many partners, we boast a comprehensive, versatile range of products that can be used to customize your project.


Our team of specialists has more than 100 years of combined experience and more than 50,000 projects under their belt.


Pedlex takes pride in offering you a project that has been carried out with meticulous attention to detail, minimizing any unforeseen circumstances and performing all the work in a safe manner.


Even the best products won’t work properly unless they’re properly installed. Our rigorously trained certified installers will ensure the kind of high-quality installation that’s essential to the success of your project.

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Project management

At Pedlex, we have a simple formula for ensuring the success of your project: a dedicated project manager, rigorous planning and a team of professional installers.


We have the necessary resources to perform successful installations. We’re proud to rely on the skills of more than five specialized, highly trained teams to install the components of your projects, whether simple shelving or a full warehouse.

General contractor’s license RBQ 8226-5026-35

Our general contractor’s license allows us to offer genuine turnkey service by engaging various specialized providers, such as electricians, painters and fire safety experts, to manage every aspect your project.

Moving and relocation

Pedlex has the capacity to dismantle and reinstall your existing equipment. We can also offer you turnkey service, managing all or part of your relocation through our partnerships with the top moving companies.

Pallet racking inspection and compliance

In order to ensure compliance with currently effective regulations and codes governing workplace safety and security, the pallet racking is inspected by external services.

Foam cutting for tool chests

Pedlex also offers foam cutting services for tool chests. Our solutions are tailored to your industry and environment. Whether you need cut-outs for assembly-line products or for a variety of different products, we have the necessary experience and know-how to successfully complete your project. Having a specific location for each tool will afford you optimum control, as well as storage that complies with best business practices, including 5S.

Your partner in optimizing your space

We offer turnkey service!

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Heavy-Duty Stationary Cabinet (36x24x60H) 11 drawers with Compartments

Heavy-Duty Stationary Cabinet (36x24x60H) 11 drawers with Compartments



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