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Have you had your storage systems inspected and certified?

We put our clients' safety first. Our new inspection and certification service for your storage systems will make your warehouses more secure ......

25 March, 2021

Do ergonomic workstations, adaptable for different teams exist? Of course!

While equipping their new laboratory, our client had specific needs: the production stations had to be ergonomic, but also flexible in order to allow continuous work 24/7, because the different teams had to ......

10 March, 2021

Discover the host of capabilities of the Rousseau robust cabinets

You are most likely familiar with the "R" cabinets and their well-deserved reputation. But did you know how modular these cabinets are? Our storage experts share these suggested uses ......

4 March, 2021

A secure storage installation outside

Our client had a double challenge that our designers and installers were happy to take up: a system which ......

9 February, 2021

Pedlex strengthens its presence in the Ottawa-Gatineau region

There is always something new at Pedlex! We extended our presence in the greater Ottawa-Gatineau region in order to better serve our many clients in the territory ......

14 January, 2021

More storage, same floor space! The Stack & Store cabinet mezzanine, a complete vertical storage

Our clients often ask our storage experts for a high density storage solution. Often the vertical space is underutilized ......

13 January, 2021

Receive your heavy-duty cabinets in only 3 to 4 days!

Pedlex offers 3 to 4 day shipping for some of our most popular Rousseau cabinet models!...

2 January, 2020

Pedlex offers commercial lease-financing

Take advantage of commercial lease-financing for your installations: imagine being able to invest in optimizing your space - without having to immediately pay the entire investment....

23 December, 2020

Your partner in optimizing your space

We offer turnkey service!

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Heavy-Duty Stationary Cabinet - 11 drawers (with Compartments)

Heavy-Duty Stationary Cabinet - 11 drawers (with Compartments)



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