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Multi-level shelving

Triple your space and improve the flow

The Spider system of industrial shelving by Rousseau lets you maximize and optimize space, while improving the flow of your work environment. With our safe and time-proven method of stacking shelves on your existing shelves, you can double or even triple your storage space.

A completely safe, engineer-approved mezzanine can be built on top of this shelving, enabling you to take full advantage of your vertical space.

This multi-level shelving system requires a minimum of hardware and can be easily remodelled to adapt to a variety of warehouses or workspaces. The powder-finish paint provides durable, long-lasting color. The design is ideal for use in parts departments, distribution centres, factories and stores.

Discover the numerous possibilities for reclaiming space with multi-level shelving :

  • Create a catwalk mezzanine on top of your bottom shelving level. Choose this option if you will need to access the items you store in shelves frequently (such as a frequently moving inventory in a parts department)
  • Double or triple your storage space with high-rise shelving, allowing you to access your records, merchandise or tools with a lift or a ladder
  • Double your floor space by creating a deck over shelving, allowing you to keep your existing storage installations, but creating a safe and productive workspace. Such upper level workspaces have the advantage of giving a good view of your factory or warehouse floor. Our experts at Pedlex can advise you about the security barriers that are required for this space to meet applicable regulations.

Discover one typical setup of multi-level shelving we frequently install :

Multi-level shelving mezzanine information Rousseau Pedlex

The upper levels are most often used for sturdy long-span or standard shelves for bulky material.
The lower levels are frequently reserved for shelving with dividers and modular drawers, for small or rapid turnover items.

In our brochure below, you can find details about the possibilities of combining mini-racking with traditional shelving and shelving with modular drawers:

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