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Modular in-plant offices

A new office - quickly and without construction work

Rather than constructing offices that can’t be moved if you relocate your company, Pedlex proposes installing modular in-plant offices, which also offer the advantage of shorter construction times, while avoiding the noise and dust of a typical construction site.

Our ModTech system for portable modular office buildings by Canadian Portable Structures consists of modular walls that can be easily put up and taken down if the office needs to be moved. Ideal for supervisor offices, shipping and receiving, dining areas, guard shacks and laboratories, our modular inplant offices are custom designed by experts according to your needs and your budget.

The walls and ceilings of our portable prefabricated buildings isolate noise (30db or 38db reduction with its Sound Stop technology) and can be easily stacked to build a sturdy 2-level structure. Their quick and safe assembly allows you to equip your warehouse, construction site or factory, without disrupting your current operations. Modification and disassembly of our modular offices are easy, allowing you to accommodate your evolving needs.

Take a 360° virtual tour in the modular in-plant office we installed in our warehouse, where our logistics team works every day.

Our most popular modular in-plant offices:

Bureaux modulaires entrepôt bleue inplant modular office warehouse blue Pedlex CPS   Bureaux modulaires sur mezzanine inplant modular offices on mezzanine Pedlex CPS   Bureau modulaire grande surface large surface in-plant modular office Pedlex CPS
In-plant office in a warehouse

In-plant office on a mezzanine

Large surface in-plant office

Bureau modulaire deux entrées salle blanche modular inplant office two entrances white room Pedlex CPS   Rayonnage porte-à-faux 4 saisons all weather Cantilever Pedlex Cogan   Bureaux modulaires usine inplant modular offices factory Pedlex CPS
White room with two entrances Stacked in-plant offices Supervisor office in a factory

Choose a robust and flexible solution for your in-plant office and our space optimization experts at Pedlex will accompany you during the planning and installation stages, in Montreal and throughout Quebec.

ModTech modular offices are known for their excellent protection from noise, dust, heat and cold, and traffic.


We offer two models of modular portable offices: standard and heavy-duty

  1. The standard system is engineered to fulfil most plant office requirements for industrial and commercial uses – as office buildings, clean rooms, supervisor or lunch rooms, etc. Our clients choose these modular buildings for use in factories, warehouses and distribution centers, in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, agri-food and research.

  2. The ModTech Heavy Duty System (HD) is used for stacked (two-storey) structures, ceilings over 10 feet high, or storage on top of the modular building. The HD system contains thicker sandwich panels and framing members which provide the increased load-bearing capacity which is required for these more intensive applications. In addition to the impressive strength of the HD system, its thicker walls provide extra space for more noise insulation.

ModTech’s sound stopping technology ensures that noises and distractions will no longer be an issue. This works thanks to the laminated panels, which provide a solid, sound-resistant barrier between the people working inside the modular structure and the noise outside.

Some of our standard models, adapted to your space:


Typical in-plant unit, 11ft 5" x 15ft 7"      Typical unit with interior partition, 11ft 5" x 19ft 10"


Typical unit using an existing wall                  Corner unit using 2 existing walls 

Typical unit with private office, 20ft x 20ft

Some typical uses include:
 The standard sizes of our ModTech plant offices,

Plant management offices
9pi 2” x 9pi 2”
Shipping / receiving offices
9pi 2” x 11pi 5”
Single and multiple unit plant offices
9pi 2” x 13pi 5”
Foreman's office
9pi 2” x 15pi 7”
Equipment enclosures
11pi 5” x 11pi 5”
CMM rooms (coordinate measuring machines) 
11pi 5” x 13pi 5”
Testing labs and quality control rooms
11pi 5” x 15pi 5”
Nursing or first aid stations
11pi 5” x 17pi 7”
Lunch rooms
13pi 5” x 17pi 7”
etc.  13pi 5” x 19pi 10”


Bureau modulaire - Installation rapide par Pedlex

Your orders for standard size ModTech buildings can be delivered in 10 days and can be assembled by two people, which takes 1 working day and only simple hand tools. Our installation experts can do the installation at your premises, or your own personal can do it on their own - we can readily provide you with installation instructions.

Each structure is fast and easy to assemble, but also to dismantle, allowing you to relocate it, to obtain a new configuration or to store it if not in use.

See a typical assembly process of a modular in-plant office by the Pedlex installation experts:
1. Floor channel securely fastened to the floor
2. Placing panels along channel following the assembly plan
3. Fixing the panels to corner posts with three fastening clips / spacers
4. Installing roof and floor decks, which are optional
5. Inserting snap-on cover strips at all joints


Each modular in-plant office is composed of one of three standard panels : solid module (wall), glazed module (window) and door module; a floor channel, and a roof deck. The doors are pre-hung, which makes ModTech one of the easiest-to-install system on the market.

Bureau modulaire module de porte Modular office Door module Pedlex CPS

Bureau modulaire module de fenêtre Modular office Window module Pedlex CPS

Bureau modulaire module mural Modular office wall module Pedlex CPS

Bureau modulaire isolation phonique Modular office noise insulation Pedlex CPS

Door moduleWindow module
Wall module
Wall module cross-section

Noise reduction technology : Bureau modulaire isolation phonique Sound stop Modular office noise insulation Pedlex CPS

  • 25db noise reduction: standard modular office insulation
  • 30db noise reduction: with Noise Stop insulation
  • 38db noise reduction: with Soundstop insulation layer in walls, on top of the standard insulation layers
  • 50db noise reduction: with Soundstop 50 package - high mass, heavy and limp sound barrier sheet in walls, roof cavity insulation and acoustic lay-in ceiling tiles, twin-pane insulated glass, sound seals for doors, anti-vibration pads for the floor module
  • 60db noise reduction: with Soundstop 60 package: system to increase the mass and break the noise vibration path (see above)

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