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Stack & Store cabinet mezzanine


Maximise your storage capacity with the Stack & Store cabinet mezzanine. This turnkey solution is designed to meet your high density storage needs and will optimize your space.

This vertical storage system is made up of R (heavy-duty) cabinets stacked on two levels. The easy and secure access to the upper level is done via stairs, allowing you to store more without wasting floor space.

The complete Stack & Store system by Rousseau is a mezzanine composed of the cabinets, a walkway with a railing and a set of stairs:

  1. Floor level: R (heavy-duty) cabinets pre-drilled for easy installation. You can customize the drawer heights (between 3" and 14") in each of your cabinets or by adding doors or roll-out shelves

  2. Level stacked on top: R (heavy-duty) cabinets. You can identify the contents of your drawers

  3. Safe stairs – choose either one or two handrails

  4. Heavy-duty railing with a height of 42"

  5. 30” deep upper floor with a non-slip mat

  6. Drawer accessoires to optimise your espace accoring to your needs – dividers, partitions, custom foam cut-outs, etc.

The mezzanines are quick and easy to instal. They can be reconfigured or relocated as needed and are made in Québec.

Discover more high-density storage solutions on our page on multi-level shelving.

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