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The R-Go
Zero effort
Anywhere you need it

A mobile workshop to move your tools where you are needed, without any effort, is this possible? Yes it is. Thanks to Rousseau Métal's R-Go Motorized Toolbox, you can nowmove heavy loads safely. Are long distances your frequent challenge? The R-Go has a range of up to 20 km before recharging. It takes 10 hours to recharge fully.

Plus, with a capacity of 400 lbs per drawer and a lifetime warranty on the drawer rolling system, it is a good investment.

• Standard color choice

• Various sizes and surfaces

• Drawer compartments (for efficient storage)

• Corner protectors, etc.

Limits significant muscular effort and the risk of injury. On the safety side, everything has been thought of to avoid contact with people and surrounding objects.

To be used on a flat surface or on a slope of maximum 6 ° (ratio 1: 10). Interesting? Absolutely.


Also designed with ergonomics and safety in mind, the R-Go Motorized Platform Cart lets you move heavy loads effortlessly.

This helps reduce musculoskeletal disorders, increasing productivity and promoting employee retention.

Its capacity? 1500lb for the 48 "(800lb for the 36"). Its maximum speed? 5.5 km/h.



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