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21 December, 2020

How to protect your people and your heavy and expensive components

It is difficult enough to store difficult loads: heavy machinery; dies and molds of uneven shapes; large merchandise - such as bars, pipes, steel plates, drywall sheets, planks, extruded section and so on.

But these items are even more difficult to access, because of their unbalanced loads, of their weight and as they are too fragile to be handled with a forklift.

Our warehousing and handling experts share the right solution: industrial cantilever shelves with sliding drawers.

The specialized system with sliding drawers which slide out with a simple turn of the crank (hence Crank-Out) allows you to quickly and easily move your most difficult tools or goods:

  • these sturdy shelves are fully welded with a standard of 10 ga.
  • the solid drawers or arms extend up to 75% of their area, with a capacity of 5,000 lbs.
  • it is a fully modular system designed to your requirements that allows safe and unobstructed access to your merchandise 
  • their safe top loading is easy, quickand protects your people and your inventory
  • the powder coating is perfect for installation both indoors and outdoors; thegalvanized option offers increased protection against bad weather

These racks give you the ability to transport concentrated and very heavy loads that cannot be stored on conventional rack systems - which leads to a significant waste of your space as they will get stacked on the floor.

You can therefore easily access stored components with an overhead crane or also with a forklift. Opt for the crucial flexibility to safely store and organize heavy molds, dies and tooling in your production, assembly or warehouse stages.

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Heavy-Duty Stationary Cabinet - 11 drawers (with Compartments)



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