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22 December, 2020

The ideal tool storage solution for a mobile workshop?

Providing services to industrial companies, our client needs to have their equipment and tools handy in the field. Often working on construction sites, their teams also need to store materials in a secure location at the end of the day.

Our client therefore turned to our warehousing and storage experts for an efficient, personalized and quick-to-deliver solution. 

The solution? Two containers equipped as mobile tool mobile storage units, which serve as temporary and secure warehouses and which are really appreciated by our client's employees.

Our designers and installers equipped these 2 storage spaces with:

  • R (robust) cabinets by Rousseau, with divided drawers to safely store equipment and tools
  • mini-racking in the same color to increase the storage areas
  • their horizontal beams will protect the containers when moving, especially on bumpy contruction roads
  • a double door with a frame on one of the cabinets, which allowed the installation of drawers inside
  • 5S perforated panels on the sides allowing to store long tools that cannot fit in the drawers
  • a vertical safety bar to reinforce the safe closing of the drawers

Our client was impressed with the robustness of our products and the complete turnkey service from Pedlex.

Having received these two converted containers, they have now ordered two more which will “be travelling across Quebec”, according to our client.

And you? How do you equip your mobile tool storage?

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Heavy-Duty Stationary Cabinet - 11 drawers (with Compartments)



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