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10 September, 2023

Optimize your space with multi-level shelving

Our stacked shelves allow you to increase efficiency by fully utilizing your vertical space.

Are you facing a lack of space in your warehouse or factory? Before considering expanding your facilities, opt for our innovative solution: multi-level shelves designed and installed by the experts at Pedlex. Developed to maximize the use of vertical space, this solution is the answer to all your storage needs.

Mezzanine sur étagères multi-niveau rangement stockage Pedlex Rousseau

We offer you the perfect solution to double or triple your storage without losing floor space:
Choose our robust mezzanines on shelves stacked on top of each other, available in various sizes and manufactured in Quebec in 20 standard colors by our partner since 1982, Rousseau Metal. 

Imagine the possibility of storing more products without sacrificing precious square footage on the floor. Thanks to our multi-level shelving, you can now take advantage of your building's height and make the most of your floor space. It's a true revolution for your warehouse or factory!

The key advantage of our multi-level shelves lies in their ability to combine a row of shelves with a mezzanine, which can double (or triple!) your floor space. The upper level that you can build above your storage space can serve as additional workspace or storage area.

This ingenious combination allows you to store more goods in a limited space, while reducing movements and saving time. This makes it an ideal solution for optimizing your storage space.

We prioritize the safety of your personnel. Access to the second level is provided by sturdy stairs. Ramps and barriers facilitate access for forklifts while protecting employees on the upper level.

On the right you can discover our achievements or you can consult our catalog for more details. Find out here about our capacity to offer you a cabinet mezzanine.

Mezzanine sur etageres multi-niveau rangement stockage Pedlex Rousseau avantages

Discover the many possibilities of reclaiming space with multi-level shelving:

  • new floorspace on top of shelves
  • multi-level or high-rise shelving
  • or shelves with catwalks (mezzanine on shelves).

At Pedlex, we understand that each space is unique, and every company has its own needs. Our experienced specialists will guide you through the process, offering tailor-made solutions to overcome any obstacles in your construction, whether it's beams, columns, doors, ventilation ducts, or other limitations of your building.

As a result, your stacked shelves will be fully customized to perfectly fit your work environment.

Don't let space constraints overwhelm you; opt for a durable and efficient solution with Pedlex's stacked shelves. Trust our expertise and commitment to quality to optimize your storage space and enhance your operational efficiency.

Discover one typical setup of multi-level shelving we frequently install :

Multi-level shelving high-rise shelving stacked shelves mezzanine sur étagères superposées Rousseau Pedlex information details

Our team of experts is ready to advise you and design a customized solution based on your specific constraints.

Contact us to schedule a free visit from one of our experts, who will present you with a tailor-made solution. Discover how we can help you optimize your workspace.

Your partner in optimizing your space

We offer turnkey service!

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