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1 May, 2022

Client testimonial - our experts optimize the space for a secondary school

Client testimonial - we optimized the space for a Montreal secondary school

Discover the testimonial of our client, who needed a scalable and tailor-made setup for their storage rooms.

(the video is in French)

Our client chose our turnkey service which included consultation, design, delivery and an "incognito" installation, which allowed them to continue working during the work.

Find out what our client, Benjamin Audy, a physical education and health teacher, thinks, who left us this beautiful testimonial!

The challenge:

Our client - a high school in Montreal, needed to maximize the storage space for their sports equipment:

  • in a way that allows the use of the storage rooms by several teachers at the same time
  • store materials of varying sizes and weights with a robust medium-density storage system
  • they need to store official competition equipment in a secure manner
  • with a scalable system, which allows the adaptation of products to future needs, and this without the intervention of an installation team
  • and that the installation work does not interfere too much with the students' lessons

The solution:

After visiting our showroom in Anjou, and then having an on-site consultation with our project manager Alexandre, our client chose our specialized modular storage products that can be adapted to the client's needs as they evolve in time:

  • for efficient storage of items of medium weight and density, and which can also be easily rearranged - 13 sections of heavy-duty mini-racking of industrial quality, with a capacity of 750 lbs, 87" high with 4 levels, from the Spider series of Rousseau metal
  • for the secure storage, heavy-duty cabinets by Rousseau with keyed access 87" high with 7 shelves  with perforated hanging panels (pegboard) on their sides
  • and for heavy storage, a pallet racking system - 2 Nuvorack pallet racks, with a capacity of 5,200 lbs per level, 84" W x 72" H with wire netting
  • accessories: heavy-duty hooks for pegboards panels installed on the sides of the cabinets, which allow you to store irregular items or add accessories, as well as partial dividers for the shelves of the mini-racks
  • all in the color 815 Cranberry Red gloss, chosen by the client

The project was manufactured and delivered quickly thanks to our agreements with suppliers in Quebec and also to our large inventory. We keep a large inventory of products: pallet racking, shelving and more, which allows us to respond to your needs quickly.

The testimonial:

During the renovation of our sports bloc, we dealt with Pedlex for the purchase of storage systems ... because their products will allow us to adjust and adapt our storage system over time. It was our primary need to be able to do this, because it is important that this renovation lasts for some 30 years.

My shopping experience was great from A to Z. At the very beginning, I visited the showroom where I could get an idea of my exact needs. We made changes to the project while it was in progress and the company Pedlex was able to respond with enough ease.

Our entire team of physical educators was able to continue their work, the installation was done very 'incognito' as there was no disruption to our classes, and we were able to have the final result which we are very satisfied with. "

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Come visit our showroom in Anjou to discover all the Rousseau metal products we keep in stock!

Discover our products for the commercial sector here. Explore our brochure on our Nuvorack industrial pallet racking.

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