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Royal Building Products Project

Royal Building Products, located in Laval, entrusted Pedlex with refurbishing their warehouse. Now that the space has been optimized with high-quality storage systems, Royal can better respond to the growing demand for their products on the part of clients in the Laval area. By eliminating the neces...

14 September, 2018

Simard Transport’s project

Simard Transport, a well-known Canadian transport, storage and logistics company, hired Pedlex to respond to some of their needs. The company can now rely on a new double-deep pallet rack for storing pallets on the upper level, as well as a Carton Flow system on the lower level for manually stocking...

22 August, 2018

Fleet Renewal

Pedlex renews its fleet of trucks! Here are our two new acquisitions, ready to move to your place to offer you an unparalleled service. These two trucks are added to our fleet of more than 5 vehicles. ...

14 August, 2018

(Français) Salon de l’agriculture, 20e édition d’Expo-Champs

Sorry, this entry is only available in French....

28 July, 2018

Private Garage #2

Here’s an installation of Rousseau Megal Spider shelving we did for an individual who wanted to optimize the side of his personal garage without sacrificing the room he needed to park his car and without being restricted by the garage door. The result is a shelving arrangement with doors that close ...

18 June, 2018

Aménagement d'un camion

Voici un aménagement de petit camion réalisé par Pedlex pour l’un de nos clients. Cette unité de service fonctionnelle et élégante se promènera sur la route pour réparer sa flotte de camions. ...

13 June, 2018

Individual garage

This individual was looking for an ergonomic solution to furnish his garage. After discussing and evaluating his needs, Pedlex proposed a setup that included work-centers from the Rousseau Metal GT Series, equipped with a corner workstation. It’s an ideal solution for personal garages. The result is...

7 June, 2018

Ford’s new image

For their all-new Ford image, the Ford dealership in Saint-Basile hired Pedlex to furnish their service bays, as well as their Parts Department, with cabinets and toolboxes from Rousseau Metal. These included storage space for tires, shelving with drawers and storage cabinets for specialty parts. Th...

11 May, 2018

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