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Freestanding mezzanines

Double or triple your storage space with an industrial mezzanine

Over the years, Pedlex has developed a work method that will ensure the success of your freestanding mezzanine project. Quick and simple to install, the stainless steel frames of our freestanding industrial mezzanines are engineered and custom-made according to the needs of your business.

Increase your storage or manufacturing space by 2, 3 or 4 levels by fully taking advantage of your unused vertical space. Store merchandise on the level above, allowing your equipment to freely move on the warehouse floor below. Or, create more valuable floor space in your distribution center or maintenance facility by creating different work space levels.

Our industrial-strength mezzanines will fit your existing layout. Factors such as the space underneath the mezzanine, the placement of the columns, the type of lifting equipment, security needs and the type of stairs are all taken into account by our experts while offering you a custom design. With our turnkey service, you will get a quick estimate of the cost of your project so you can move on to the construction phase as soon as possible.

Manufactured in Quebec, our freestanding industrial mezzanines come with a lifetime guarantee on the framework. Even if you need to relocate your business, you’ll be able to continue using your mezzanine and benefitting from its durability and safety features. Do business with Pedlex today for a high-quality project, executed from A to Z by our professionals who are the best in their field.

Our most popular heavy-duty mezzanines:

Mezzanine entreposage general storage Cogan Pedlex  Mezzanine industrial catwalk industrielle usine Cogan Pedlex  Mezzanine inplant office bureau usine Cogan Pedlex
Storage mezzanine in a warehouse
Industrial mezzanine
Mezzanine for an in-plant office
Mezzanine distribution center centre de distribution Cogan Pedlex  Mezzanine plateforme dequipement equipment platform Cogan Pedlex  Mezzanine commercial magasin de détail retail store Cogan Pedlex
Mezzanine in a distribution center
Equipment platform mezzanine
Commercial mezzanine in a store

Choose a robust and resistant storage solution and our space optimization experts at Pedlex will accompany you during the planning and installation stages, in Montreal and throughout Quebec.

Discover how we installed a mezzanine in our own warehouse (in French) as well as a video presentation by our partner Cogan:


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